About us

Through several years of professional experience in fiduciary, law firm, hotel and restaurant business, we have always focused on the extremely important bodies of finance and learned to listen well in order to best meet the needs of our clients and to implement unconventional solutions together.

Especially for individuals and SMEs accounting and tax issues are usually associated with a great deal of time and nerves are often blank. In order for our customers to be able to focus their attention on what they like best, we bring in exactly the right kind of relief and reliability.

We are very pleased to become your contact for tax matters, bookkeeping and salary administration.

Our team

We know that in the end, people make the biggest difference. You are in the best hands with our people.

Tanja Lensink (Managing Director)

Businesswoman fiduciary and real estate trust

Professional experience and focus
Several years of professional experience in various fiduciary, real estate trust offices and law firms in Zug and Zurich

Tax advice and execution for individuals, sole proprietors and SMEs
Management of bookkeeping incl. annual statement
personnel Administration

Adriana Meyer

Specialist in finance and accounting
Hotel School Belvoirpark, Zurich
Commercial school, train
Professional experience and focus
Creation of annual accounts for SMEs
Specializing in accounting for hotel and restaurant businesses
Payroll including expatriates
Independent handling of the personnel administration of A-Z

Antonio Grasso

Executive Master of Business Administration
with a special focus on corporate governance regulation and compliance

Professional experience and focus
Team Leader Client Accounting Law Firm
Mandate Management Trust